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A collection of Atom UIs to support language services.







atom-ide-ui · Package version CircleCI

Atom UIs to support language services and debuggers as part of Atom IDE.

Language integrations should be built on top of atom-languageclient.


Debugger integrations should be modeled after atom-ide-debugger-node.


Contributions are welcome! File bugs and feature requests from the issues page, or read the file for details on how to submit a pull request.

Getting Started

First, make sure you have Atom 1.19+ installed. Install atom-ide-ui from "Install" in Atom's settings or run:

apm install atom-ide-ui

You'll also want to install a suitable language package and/or debugger package since atom-ide-ui doesn't provide any language or debugger support by default.

Language support packages based on should work out of the box with atom-ide-ui installed, such as:

These debugger packages should work out of the box:

Language Features

Check out the documentation pages for more information about each feature!

Debugger Features

See Keybindings for a list of default keybindings.


atom-ide-ui is BSD-licensed. We also provide an additional patent grant.