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This package provides the following services:

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The Path list is a window for navigating through files in open projects. It allows you to open a file inside the Pulsar editor, open externally or insert a file path in various formats. The package is designed as replacement of built-in fuzzy-finder.


To install fuzzy-files search for fuzzy-files in the Install pane of the Pulsar settings or run ppm install fuzzy-files. Alternatively, you can run ppm install bacadra/pulsar-fuzzy-files to install a package directly from the Github repository.

List view

In the atom-workspace space, the following commands are available:

In the path-list view, the following keymap is available:



This package provides file path hinting options for the Autocomplete package. The paths are displayed relative to the currently active text editor, and the tooltip shows the full file path in the description. This package relies on the cache, which can be built manually or by using the Path List view. To use this feature, type /// followed by the text you want to filter.

This functionality can be enabled or disabled in the package settings. To use this feature, the paths must be already cached.


The Preserve last search config option is used from the command-palette package. The ignores are used from core.ignoredNames and fuzzy-files.ignoredNames.

The autocomplete-paths and path-list can display icons for files and directories. The file-icons package is required for this functionality.

Contributing 🍺

If you have any ideas on how to improve the package, spot any bugs, or would like to support the development of new features, please feel free to share them via GitHub.