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Atom linter plugin for Python, using flake8







This package provides the following services:


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linter-flake8 is a flake8 provider for linter.



To use this plugin flake8 will need to be installed on your system. If it is not already installed, you can install flake8 by typing the following in a terminal:

pip install flake8

You can then install this package from with Atom or by typing:

$ apm install linter-flake8

Note: If the linter package is not currently installed, it will be installed for you.

Built-in docstrings check (Optional)

To include built-in docstrings (pep257) support you will also need to install:

pip install flake8-docstrings

OpenStack Style Guidelines check (Optional)

To support OpenStack Style Guidelines, you will also need to install the hacking module:

pip install hacking


To ensure flake8 targets the proper Python version for each project you work on, it is highly recommended to install flake8 in each project's virtualenv:

Then activate your virtualenv from the command line before starting Atom, and you're good to go!


You can configure linter-flake8 like any Atom package by editing the settings in Atom -> Preferences -> Packages -> linter-flake8.


Or if you prefer you can use Atom config.cson file ~/.atom/config.cson (click Open Your Config in Atom menu).

If you installed flake8 in a location not in your $PATH, the Settings panel will let you specify where it lives. For example:

  'executablePath': '/usr/bin/flake8'

The executablePath setting may use $PROJECT and $PROJECT_NAME for the path or name of the current project, respectively.

Project configuration files

Linter also supports reading flake8 configuration files. To use them, you need specify their names manually into Config Files Names in the package settings. Note that package settings from Settings panel will be ignored if a configuration file was found.