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Pretty JSON

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Atom package for automatically formatting JSON documents.


Keyboard Command Shortcuts

This package does not by default provide any keyboard command shortcuts. There's no way to know what keyboard shortcuts are even available on your machine. For example, on my machine I could map the prettify command to shift-cmd-j. However if you have the popular atom-script package installed on your machine, then there would be a conflict because that package also wants to use that same keyboard shortcut. However, all is not lost!

Atom itself already provides you with everything you need to create your own custom keymaps. For example, the following keymap.cson would add a shortcut for the Prettify command:

  'shift-cmd-j': 'pretty-json:prettify'

List of Commands Provided by Pretty JSON

Map any of the following commands to your own keyboard shortcuts as described above.

General Usage

Select the text to format and then execute the Pretty JSON prettify command. For JSON files, format the entire file automatically without need to first select the text. Minify and sorting commands are available too.

This plugin will post a notification to Atom if there is a parse error in the JSON. Disable warnings in this plugin's settings panel if you do not desire this feature.

JSON Linter

To proactively avoid JSON errors, consider using a linter for JSON, such as the delightful linter-jsonlint.

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