sb-atom-sonic-pi Made for Pulsar!

Sonic Pi Atom/Pulsar integration. Based on rkh/atom-sonic.







This package provides the following services:

This package consumes the following services:

Sonic Pi Atom/Pulsar integration

This package is a frontend to the Sonic Pi server, and allows you to write and run your Sonic Pi code within Atom or Pulsar. 😃

⚠️ Note
This package is a hobby project and may not be regularly maintained. This is not an official package. Compatibility with Pulsar is experimental.




  1. Go to the sb-atom-sonic-pi settings and change the Root Path to where Sonic Pi is installed on your system.
  2. Press Ctrl+Shift+P and run the Start Server command
  3. Open a text file and change the syntax language to Sonic Pi
  4. Get coding!
  5. Run the Shutdown Server command when you're done.

Commands and Default Key Bindings

Key Binding Action Description
None sb-atom-sonic-pi:start-server Start the Sonic Pi server
None sb-atom-sonic-pi:shutdown-server Shutdown the Sonic Pi server
alt-r sb-atom-sonic-pi:play-file Sends content of the currently open buffer to Sonic Pi for instant playback.
f5 sb-atom-sonic-pi:save-and-play-file Saves the current file and tells Sonic Pi to play the file. Allows for playback of large buffers. (If used with an untitled file, it opens a save-as dialog box to allow you to save the file.)
ctrl-alt-r sb-atom-sonic-pi:play-selection Sends currently selected text to Sonic Pi for instant playback.
alt-s sb-atom-sonic-pi:stop Tells Sonic Pi to stop all playback.
ctrl-alt-l sb-atom-sonic-pi:toggle-log Toggle the log view
alt-i sb-atom-sonic-pi:open-tutorial Open the online Sonic-Pi tutorial in your system's web browser (



This package is licensed under the MIT License. See for the full license.