Finds all the TODOs, FIXMEs, CHANGEDs, etc. in your project.







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Finds all TODO, FIXME, CHANGED, XXX, IDEA, HACK, NOTE, REVIEW, NB, BUG, QUESTION, COMBAK, TEMP comments in your project and shows them in a nice overview list.

Attention: This package searches for todos. For todo word highlighting see language-todo.

Open todo list using command palette Todo Show: Find In Workspace, Todo Show: Find In Project or Todo Show: Find In Open Files. Keyboard shortcuts CTRL + SHIFT + T on Mac OSX or ALT + SHIFT + T on Windows and Linux.

Install with apm install todo-show or use Install Packages from Atom Settings.


Search Scopes

Five different scopes are available to narrow down your search for todos. Change scope using the button at the top of the todo view or use the corresponding command.


Name Default Description
autoRefresh true Automatic refresh of todo list after saving
findTheseTodos ['FIXME', 'TODO', 'CHANGED', 'XXX', 'IDEA', 'HACK', 'NOTE', 'REVIEW', 'NB', 'BUG', 'QUESTION', 'COMBAK', 'TEMP'] An array of todo types used by the search regex
findUsingRegex See 'Regular Expression Search' section Regex string used to find all your todos. ${TODOS} is replaced with FindTheseTodos from above
ignoreThesePaths ['node_modules', 'vendor', 'bower_components', '*.pdf'] An array of files / folders to exclude (syntax according to scandal used internally by Atom).
globally: Ignored Names from atom core settings.
locally: Ignores anything in your .gitignore file, if the current project is a valid git repository and atom core setting Exclude VCS Ignored Paths is checked.
showInTable ['Text', 'Type', 'Path'] An array of properties to show for each todo in table
sortBy 'Text' Sort table by this todo property
sortAscending true Sort table in ascending or descending order
exportAs 'List' Choose which format to use for exported markdown
statusBarIndicator false Show todo count in status bar (this is only shown and updated when the 'Todo Show' tab is open)

Regular Expression Search

The regexes in findTheseRegexes are used for searching the workspace for todo matches. They are configurable to match the users specific needs.

Default regex string: '/\\b(${TODOS})[:;.,]?\\d*($|\\s.*$|\\(.*$)/g'

Todos can be tagged using hashtag (e.g. TODO: do this #object #profile), which is presented in the tags column.

To extend the default todo types and search regex, the existing config needs to be copied into your config.cson.


Originally created by Jamis Charles

Now maintained by Martin Rodalgaard