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Explore and open files in the current project.







This package provides the following services:

This package consumes the following services:

Tree View package

Explore and open files in the current project.

Press ctrl-\ or cmd-\ to open/close the tree view and alt-\ or ctrl-0 to focus it.

When the tree view has focus you can press a, shift-a, m, or delete to add, move or delete files and folders.

To move the Tree view to the opposite side, select and drag the Tree view dock to the other side.


This package provides a service that you can use in other Pulsar packages. To use it, include tree-view in the consumedServices section of your package.json:

  "name": "my-package",
  "consumedServices": {
    "tree-view": {
      "versions": {
        "^1.0.0": "consumeTreeView"

Then, in your package's main module, call methods on the service:

module.exports =
  activate: -> # ...

  consumeTreeView: (treeView) ->
    selectedPaths = treeView.selectedPaths()
    # Do something with the paths...

The tree-view API has two methods:


The tree view displays icons next to files. These icons are customizable by installing a package that provides an atom.file-icons service.

The atom.file-icons service must provide the following methods: