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Run your python (.py) source file using F5 or F6!






This project has been documented in a fair amount of detail over time. This documentation can be found in the Wiki.

Everyone should take the time to reveiw the Wiki README at the bare minimum. It details an overview on how to handle issues, use different versions, and includes links to primary sections of the Wiki.

Everyone should also take the time to review the Wiki section How do I use atom-python-run?. It covers everything from installation, to configuration, logging, and much more. You just might be surprised by what you can do with atom-python-run.

You should have the basics after having covered both the README and How Do I use atom-python-run? sections. Most FAQ's can be resolved by simply reading them. The guides provided should allow us to help you with what ever issue you're facing.

NOTE: Be sure to read the Wiki and the Wiki README before reporting an issue or making a pull request. A lot of time has been put in to it to help you the user (or dev) get started and on your way.



If you're a developer and are interested in this project you can find this repos API's in the Wiki. More specifically, you'll want to take a look at How does the cp module work? and How does the terminal.js module work? sections of the Wiki.

You can also just read the key source files

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