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JavaScript developers can now just open a .ts file and start hacking away like they are used to. No grunt, no Visual Studio. Just pure coding.

NOTE: When updating to v12, make sure language-typescript core package is enabled. We're discontinuing our own grammar in favor of language-typescript. Both are very similar and are basically Microsoft's TextMate grammar repackaged, and there's little reason to bundle our own if there's one available by default.

NOTE: This branch contains a major rewrite (v11) of the atom-typescript plugin that is lighter and faster, but lacks a few major features that you might miss. The previous version is still available in the legacy branch and will continue to receive minor bugfixes. However, I wouldn't count on any new developments for that version.


  1. Install atom.
  2. Install dependencies (see below).
  3. apm install atom-typescript (apm needs git in your path).
  4. Fire up atom. Open a TypeScript file.


Atom-TypeScript relies on some external packages for providing some of its GUI. You basically have two options.

Option 1: Install atom-ide-ui package.

Option 2: Install the following packages:

Additional Notes: Some packages we love.


Featured on the TypeScript home page under tools and demoed by Anders Hejlsberg.

"I was shocked at how good it felt to poke around on the compiler with it." Jonathan Turner "And guess what, it worked perfectly. Like everything else! Faster than Visual Studio!" Daniel Earwicker "It's a thing of beauty - they had me at 'Type information on hover'. Discovering tsconfig.json support as well was just an enormous bonus." John Reilly "This may be your best option for editing TypeScript at the moment - very nice!" Rasmus Schultz

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Located online:

Feature Details

Auto Complete

Internally using AutoComplete+. Just start typing and hints will show up. Or you can explicitly trigger it using ctrl+space or cmd+space. Press tab to make a selection.

Type information on hover

Just hover

you definitely get the

Compile on save

When "compileOnSave": true is set in tsconfig.json, TypeScript files will be compiled and saved automatically. The compiler does its best to emit something, even if there are semantic errors in the file.

Project Support

atom-typescript supports all the same options the TypeScript compiler does as it's using it behind the scenes to do all of the heavy lifting. In fact, atom-typescript will use the exact version of TypeScript you have installed in your node_modules directory.

Format Code

Shortcut: ctrl+alt+l or cmd+alt+l. Will format just the selection if you have something selected otherwise it will format the entire file.

Go to Declaration

Shortcut: F12. Will open the first declaration of the said item for now. (Note: some people call it Go to Definition)

Find References

Shortcut shift+F12. Also called find usages.

Semantic View

A bird's eye view of the current file. Use command toggle semantic view. The view updates while you edit the code. You can also click to jump to any portion of the file.



f2 to initiate rename. enter to commit and esc to cancel.

Quick Fix

Shortcut : ctrl+enter on a Mac and alt+enter for Windows and Linux when using intentions, alt+a when using atom-ide-ui. Currently available codefixes:

Alternative to symbols-view

Atom's symbols-view package only works with ctags. This is obviously unsuitable for TypeScript. Hence, we provide two commands to emulate symbols-view:

Both are bound to the same keys as corresponding symbols-view commands by default:


Look at for curiosity. We work hard to keep the code as approachable as possible and are highly keen on helping you help us.


Breaking changes available online.