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Display possible completions in the editor while typing







This package provides the following services:

This package consumes the following services:

Autocomplete+ package

Displays possible autocomplete suggestions on keystroke (or manually by typing ctrl-space) and inserts a suggestion in the editor if confirmed.




autocomplete+ is bundled with Pulsar. You don't have to do anything to install it.


autocomplete+ has a powerful autocomplete provider API, allowing provider authors to add language-specific behavior to this package.

You should definitely install additional providers (the default provider bundled with this package is somewhat crude):


Just type some stuff, and autocomplete+ will automatically show you some suggestions. Press UP and DOWN to select another suggestion, press TAB or ENTER to confirm your selection. You can change the default keymap in Preferences:

Additionally, the confirm keymap can be customized in your keymap.cson:

  'tab': 'unset!'
  'ctrl-shift-a': 'autocomplete-plus:confirm'

If setting custom keybindings, use the none setting for the confirmation keymap. All this option does is not set any other keybindings. This allows the TAB and ENTER keys to be used like normal, without side effects.

Remapping Movement Commands

By default, autocomplete-plus commandeers the editor's core movement commands when the suggestion list is open. You may want to change these movement commands to use your own keybindings.

First you need to set the autocomplete-plus.useCoreMovementCommands setting to false, which you can do from the autocomplete-plus settings in the settings view.


Or by adding this to your config file:

    "useCoreMovementCommands": false

Then add these to your keymap file:

'body atom-text-editor.autocomplete-active':
  'ctrl-p': 'autocomplete-plus:move-up'
  'ctrl-n': 'autocomplete-plus:move-down'
  'pageup': 'autocomplete-plus:page-up'
  'pagedown': 'autocomplete-plus:page-down'
  'home': 'autocomplete-plus:move-to-top'
  'end': 'autocomplete-plus:move-to-bottom'


Provider API

Great autocomplete depends on having great autocomplete providers. If there is not already a great provider for the language / grammar that you are working in, please consider creating a provider.

Read the Provider API documentation to learn how to create a new autocomplete provider.

SymbolProvider Configuration

If the default SymbolProvider is missing useful information for the language / grammar you're working with, please take a look at the SymbolProvider Config API.

The watchEditor API

The watchEditor method on the AutocompleteManager object is exposed as a provided service, named autocomplete.watchEditor. The method allows external editors to register for autocompletions from providers with a given set of labels. Disposing the returned object will undo this request. External packages can access this service with the following code.

In package.json:

  "consumedServices": {
    "autocomplete.watchEditor": {
      "versions": {
        "1.0.0": "consumeAutocompleteWatchEditor"

In the main module file:

consumeAutocompleteWatchEditor(watchEditor) {
  this.autocompleteDisposable = watchEditor(
    this.editor, ['symbol-provider']