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The package helps to find and insert bibliography keys. It supports multiple .bib files and utilizes fuzzy-finder for searching entries. The package can be used in any scope, making it suitable for files like LaTeX or Python (e.g., PyLaTeX).


To install bib-finder search for bib-finder in the Install pane of the Pulsar settings or run ppm install bib-finder. Alternatively, you can run ppm install bacadra/pulsar-bib-finder to install a package directly from the Github repository.


To use the package, you need a bibliography file in BibTeX format .bib. This file should be created and maintained by the user. There are two ways to use it:

Once you find the entry you want, you can press:

You can use the special character @ for searching by type or # for searching by key.

Example of .bib file

Here's an example of the content in a bibliography file:

  author    = "Hartmann, Friedel and Katz, Casimir",
  title     = "Structural Analysis with Finite Elements",
  publisher = "Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg",
  address   = "Germany",
  year      = "2007",
  ISBN      = "10-3-540-49698",

  author    = "S. Timoshenko and J. N. Goodier",
  title     = "Theory of elasticity",
  publisher = "{McGRAW-HILL BOOK Company Inc.}",
  address   = "New York, Toronto, London",
  year      = "1951",

Contributing 🍺

If you have any ideas on how to improve the package, spot any bugs, or would like to support the development of new features, please feel free to share them via GitHub.