Cscope Package for Atom







This package consumes the following services:

Cscope Packge for Atom

Integrates cscope into Atom.

A screenshot of cscope-atom package


Name Description Shortcut
cscope-atom:build builds a database of cscope. ctrl+. b
cscope-atom:symbol finds this C symbol. ctrl+. s
cscope-atom:definition finds this global definition. ctrl+. g
cscope-atom:callee finds functions called by this function. ctrl+. a
cscope-atom:caller finds functions calling this function. ctrl+. c
cscope-atom:text finds this text string. ctrl+. t
cscope-atom:egrep finds this egrep pattern. ctrl+. e
cscope-atom:file finds this file. ctrl+. f
cscope-atom:include finds files including this file. ctrl+. i
cscope-atom:set finds places where this symbol is assigned a value. ctrl+. n
cscope-atom:show-results shows a previous result. ctrl+. .
cscope-atom:pop moves a cursor to a previous position. ctrl+. o


Name Description Default
cscope Cscope command cscope
buildArgs Arguments to build a cscope database. -RbU
queryArgs Arguments to query a symbol. -RdL
database A database filename for cscope. cscope.out
auto Generate a cscope database when open an workspace or store a file on it. true
extensions Extensions to monitor their changes to update database. c,h
preview Preview the result of the query. true