Emacs Package for Atom







This package consumes the following services:

Emacs Package for Atom

Emacs key bindings into Atom.

A screenshot of emacs-atom package


Changing the Location of Point

Key Description Command
ctrl-p Move up one line emacs-atom:move-up
ctrl-n Move down one line emacs-atom:move-down
ctrl-b Move backward one character emacs-atom:move-left
ctrl-f Move forward one character emacs-atom:move-right
alt-b Move backward one word emacs-atom:move-to-previous-subword-boundary
alt-f Move forward one word emacs-atom:move-to-next-subword-boundary
ctrl-a Move to the beinning of the line emacs-atom:move-to-first-character-of-line
ctrl-e Move to the end of the line emacs-atom:move-to-end-of-line
alt-v Move one screen backward emacs-atom:page-up
ctrl-v Move one screen forward emacs-atom:page-down
alt-< Move to the top of the buffer emacs-atom:move-to-top
alt-> Move to the end of the buffer emacs-atom:move-to-bottom
alt-g g Read a number n and move point to the beginning of line number n go-to-line:toggle

Killing and Yanking Text

Key Description Command
ctrl-d Delete the character after point core:delete
ctrl-k Kill to the end of the line editor:cut-to-end-of-line
ctrl-w Kill the region emacs-atom:cut
alt-w Copy the region into the kill ring emacs-atom:copy
ctrl-y Yank pop core:paste


Key Description Command
ctrl-x ctrl-f Find file emacs-atom:find-file
ctrl-x ctrl-s Save buffer core:save

Setting the Mark

Key Description Command
ctrl-space Set the mark at point, and activate it emacs-atom:toggle-mode-line


Key Description Command
ctrl-enter Toggle Rectangle Mark mode emacs-atom:toggle-mode-column

Clearing Mode

Key Description Command
escape Clear mark or retangle mode core:cancel


Key Description Command
ctrl-s Find next match emacs-atom:search-forward
ctrl-r Find previous match emacs-atom:search-backward

Creating and Selecting Buffers

Key Description Command
ctrl-x b Select a buffer pane:show-next-recently-used-item

Killing Buffers

Key Description Command
ctrl-x k Kill buffer core:close

Comment Commands

Key Description Command
ctrl-x ; Comment or uncomment the current line editor:toggle-line-comments

Running Commands by Name

Key Description Command
alt-x Run a command command-palette:toggle


Key Description Command
ctrl-x ctrl-c Kill Code core:quit