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Find and Replace package

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This is a fork of atom find-and-replace 0.215.5. It modifies the normal Replace action/button and adds a Replace And Find action/button.

NOTE: You should disable the built-in find-and-replace package.

It makes the normal Replace action/button stay at the current cursor after a replace and not move to the next find. This allows you to see how the Replace action changes your text, which is particularly helpful for regex replaces. It also adds a Replace And Find action/button to do a replace and move to the next found item.

Find in buffer

Using the shortcut cmd-f (Mac) or ctrl-f (Windows and Linux). screen shot 2013-11-26 at 12 25 22 pm

Find in project

Using the shortcut cmd-shift-f (Mac) or ctrl-shift-f (Windows and Linux). screen shot 2013-11-26 at 12 26 02 pm

Provided Service

If you need access the marker layer containing result markers for a given editor, use the exploringly-find-and-replace@0.0.1 service. The service exposes one method, resultsMarkerLayerForTextEditor, which takes a TextEditor and returns a TextEditorMarkerLayer that you can interact with. Keep in mind that any work you do in synchronous event handlers on this layer will impact the performance of find and replace.