Use a function to replace text.







This package provides the following services:

Functional Find and Replace package

This package is a fork of atoms builtin find and replace adding the ability to use a function to provide the replacement text. This works just like passing a function as the second parameter to String.prototype.replace(). See the initial pull request.

Find and replace in the current buffer or across the entire project in Atom.

Find in buffer

Using the shortcut cmd-f (Mac) or ctrl-f (Windows and Linux). screen shot 2013-11-26 at 12 25 22 pm

Find in project

Using the shortcut cmd-shift-f (Mac) or ctrl-shift-f (Windows and Linux). screen shot 2013-11-26 at 12 26 02 pm

Provided Service

If you need access the marker layer containing result markers for a given editor, use the find-and-replace@0.0.1 service. The service exposes one method, resultsMarkerLayerForTextEditor, which takes a TextEditor and returns a TextEditorMarkerLayer that you can interact with. Keep in mind that any work you do in synchronous event handlers on this layer will impact the performance of find and replace.