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This package consumes the following services:

juno-plus Atom package

This is an Atom's package that enhances Julia IDE (Juno) by adding some useful buttons and code snippets.



Atom Installation


After installation, if the Julia Client icons are still present, you might need to reload/restart Atom 2 times! (because this package adjusts Julia Client and Tool-bar config settings).

VSCode - Sublime Installation

Converted code snippets are available under snippets_converted folder.


Files and Folders


Evaluation and Debugging:

Code Tools:


Atom utilities:

Julia Snippets

To use snippets type the keyword without space.

There are some cool snippets in this package. For example:







Basics and Arithmetic

Snippet Description Keyword
Swap swap
Constant const
!. !.
null null
nan nan


Snippet Description Keyword
Separator sep
Comment Block com

Strings and Characters

Snippet Description Keyword
Triple " q3
Charecter Code char code
Charecter from Code char from code
UTF charecter utf
Loop through charecters for char
First matching string findfirst string
Find and replace string replace string


Snippet Description Keyword
Int int
UInt uint
Float32 single
Float64 double
Parametric type Type parametric
Union{} Union
Union{Nothing,type} UN
where where
where multi where multi
where <: where upper
UnionAll using where UnionAll where
Parametric abstract type abstract type parametric
typeof subtype typeof subtype
typeof isa typeof isa


Snippet Description Keyword
inherited Struct struct inherited
Parametric Struct struct parametric
Parametric inherited Struct struct parametric inherited
Struct field names struct field names
Struct field types struct field types


Snippet Description Keyword
switch switch case
if elseif if elseif
try catch full try catch full


Snippet Description Keyword
enumeration - index, value for enumerate
nested loop - i,j for nested
do while do while
break break
continue continue
while with break while break
for with break for break
for with continue for continue

Functions - Docstring

Snippet Description Keyword
Documented Function with Examples function doc example
Function Full function full
Docstring doc
Docstring with Examples doc example
Julia Example block example

Dictionaries - Collections

Snippet Description Keyword
key => val pair pair
Dict pair Dict pair
Dict keys Dict keys
Dict values Dict values
Loop through key-value pairs for Dict

Regex Snippets

Snippet Description Keyword
Regex literal reg

Regex Syntax

Snippet Description Keyword
Regex Start reg start
Regex End reg end
Regex Anything except newline reg any except newline
Regex or reg or
Regex escape reg escape
Regex previous 0<= time reg 0 or more
Regex previous 1<= time reg 1 or more
Regex previous 0 or 1 time reg 0 or 1
Regex previous n times reg n times
Regex previous n<= times reg n or more
Regex previous n1-n2 times reg n1 n2
Regex whitespace char reg whitespace
Regex non-whitespace char reg non-whitespace
Regex word char reg word
Regex non-word char reg non-word
Regex digit char reg digit
Regex non-digit char reg non-digit
Regex backspace char reg backspace
Regex control char reg backspace
Regex newline reg newline
Regex tab reg tab
Regex carriage return reg carriage return
Regex null reg null
Regex vertical tab reg vertical tab
Regex octal character ZZZ reg octal
Regex hex character ZZ reg hex
Regex group reg group
Regex backreference group reg backreference
Regex Non-capturing group reg group non-capturing
Regex any of reg any of
Regex not reg not
Regex among char reg among char
Regex among digits reg among number
Regex positive lookahead group reg group positive lookahead
Regex negative lookahead group reg group negative lookahead
Regex negative lookbehind reg group negative lookbehind
Regex Word Boundary reg word boundary

Regex Common


Snippet Description Keyword
Regex whole numbers regc numbers whole
Regex decimal number regc numbers decimal
Regex whole + decimal number regc numbers whole + decimal
Regex negative, positive whole + decimal number regc numbers negative, positive whole + decimal
Regex whole + decimal + fractions numbers regc numbers whole + decimal + fractions


Snippet Description Keyword
Regex slug regc slug
Regex duplicates regc duplicates

Alphanumeric Characters

Snippet Description Keyword
Regex alphanumeric without space regc alphanumeric without space
Regex alphanumeric with space regc alphanumeric with space

File Path

Snippet Description Keyword
Regex file path with filename.extension regc file path with filename.extension
Regex file path with optional filename.extension regc file path optional filename.extension
Regex filename.extension (3 chars) regc filename.extension


Snippet Description Keyword
Regex date YYYY-MM-dd regc date YYYYMMdd
Regex date dd-MM-YYYY using -,. , / with check for leap year regc date ddMMYYYY
Regex date dd-mmm-YYYY using separators -, ., / regc date ddmmmYYYY


Snippet Description Keyword
Regex time HH:MM 12-hour, optional leading 0 regc time HHMM 12h optional leading 0
Regex time HH:MM 12-hour AM/PM optional leading 0 regc time HHMM 12h AM/PM optional leading 0
Regex time HH:MM 24-hour with leading 0 regc time HHMM 24h with leading 0
Regex time HH:MM 24-hour, optional leading 0 regc time HHMM 24h, optional leading 0
Regex time HH:MM:SS 24-hour regc time HHMMSS 24h


Snippet Description Keyword
Regex email common regc email common
Regex email uncommon regc email uncommon

Password Strength

Snippet Description Keyword
Regex password complex regc password complex
Regex password moderate regc password moderate


Snippet Description Keyword
Regex username regc username


Snippet Description Keyword
Regex url http(s) regc url http(s)
Regex url protocol optional regc url optional protocol

IP Address

Snippet Description Keyword
Regex IPv4 address regc IPv4
Regex IPv6 address regc IPv6
Regex IPv4 or IPv6 address regc IPv4 or IPv6

Identity Documents

Snippet Description Keyword
Regex passport regc passport

Weave Snippets

Snippet Description Keyword
Hidden Output for Julia code chunk out julia false
Non Echoed Julia code chunk echo julia false
Evaluated Julia code chunk eval julia true
Non-evaluated Julia code chunk eval julia false
Terminal Julia code chunk term julia
Hold the output for a Block of Julia code chunk hold julia
Inline Julia Code inline
Latex latex
Separator sep


Discourse https://discourse.julialang.org/t/ann-juno-plus-0-10-2/32807/5 Repo: https://github.com/aminya/juno-plus If you have any suggestions, I would be happy to include.