Syntax highlighting for AutoHotKey scripts.







AutoHotKey support for Atom

This package adds basic syntax highlighting support for .ahk files in Atom.

Screenshot of a New AutoHotKey Script

Screenshot taken of "New AutoHotKey Script.ahk" included in the project.

Props to Dayle Rees and his beautifully designed Revalation theme: daylerees/colour-schemes


Syntax highlighting support for the following match types:

Planned Features

These are features that I soon hope to implement and/or improve upon in future updates:


I'm not entirely sure why I find AutoHotKey to be so extremely satisfying but you can understand my frustration at having a lack of support for my favorite new text editor. So I figured, why not make it myself! So I learned some stuff about Atom, improved my RegEx skills and created my first project that can actually be used by everyone.

This is my first real experience in building a plugin for an application and I'm really excited to be making this available to others who can benefit from it as I do.

Thank you to everyone who installs and enjoys using this package. Hope you love it!!!