Syntax highlighting for Fortran in atom







language-fortran package

Syntax highlighting for Fortran in Atom. Converted from the Textmate bundle.

The default grammars are Fortran - Fixed Form for files with extensions f,F,f77,F77,for,FOR,fpp,FPP and Fortran - Free Form for files with extensions f90,F90,f95,F95,f03,F03,f08,F08. Fortran - Fixed Form is aimed more at fixed form Fortran and Fortran - Free Form is aimed more towards free form Fortran.

There are two other grammars that are available, Fortran - Punchcard and Fortran - Modern, these two grammars are older than the current default languages and were developed from the original Textmate bundle. Fortran - Modern is aimed at free form Fortran code and is fairly complete. Fortran - Punchcard is aimed at fixed form Fortran code and does not contain rules for more modern Fortran language elements. To access these additional grammars either select them manually via ctrl-shift-L or modify your file to associate the desired grammar with the desired file extension as described here.

For example you can associate the Fortran - Punchcard grammar with the file extension .f files by modifying your to include the following lines

path = require 'path'

atom.workspace.observeTextEditors (editor) ->
    if path.extname(editor.getPath() || '') in [".f"]