Add syntax highlighting and snippets to Lua files in Atom







Lua language support in Atom

Add syntax highlighting and snippets to Lua files in Atom.

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Common snippets

Trigger Name Body
-[ multiline comment --[[ comment... ]]
=[ nested multiline comment --[=[ comment... ]=]
afun anon function functionName = function (args) -- body... end
for for i=1,10 for i = 1, 10 do -- body... end
fori for i,v in ipairs() for i,v in ipairs(table_name) do -- body... end
forp for k,v in pairs() for k,v in pairs(table_name) do -- body... end
fun function function functionName (args) -- body... end
if if conditional if value then --body... end
ife if else conditional if value then --body... else --body... end
ifn if not conditional if not value then --body... end
ifne if not else conditional if not value then --body... else --body... end
lfun local function local function functionName (args) -- body... end
loc local variable definition shortcut local x = 1
local local variable definition local x = 1
ltab local table definition local name = {}
print print print("logging")
rep repeat loop shortcut repeat -- body... until condition
repeat repeat loop repeat -- body... until condition
req require shortcut local name = require "module"
require require local name = require "module"
ret return definition shortcut return value
return return definition return value
tab table definition name = {}
whi while loop shortcut while condition do -- body... end
while while loop while condition do -- body... end

Table manipulation snippets

Trigger Name Body
tabc table.concat table.concat(tableName, " ", start_index, end_index)
tabf table.foreach table.foreach(tableName, function)
tabi table.insert table.insert(tableName, data)
tabs table.sort table.sort(tableName, sortfunction)
tabr table.remove table.remove(tableName, position)
tabm table.maxn table.maxn(tableName)

Math function snippets

Trigger Name Body
abs math.abs math.abs(x)
acos math.acos math.acos(x)
asin math.asin math.asin(x)
atan math.atan math.atan(x)
atan2 math.atan2 math.atan2(y, x)
ceil math.ceil math.ceil(x)
cos math.cos math.cos(x)
cosh math.cosh math.cosh(x)
deg math.deg math.deg(x)
exp math.exp math.exp(x)
floor math.floor math.floor(x)
fmod math.fmod math.fmod(x, y)
frexp math.frexp math.frexp(x)
huge math.huge math.huge
ldexp math.ldexp math.ldexp(m, e)
log math.log math.log(x)
log10 math.log10 math.log10(x)
max math.max math.max(x, ...)
min math.min math.min(x, ...)
pi math.pi math.pi
pow math.pow math.pow(x, y)
rad math.rad math.rad(x)
random math.random math.random(m, n)
randomseed math.randomseed math.randomseed(x)
sin math.sin math.sin(x)
sinh math.sinh math.sinh(x)
sqrt math.sqrt math.sqrt(x)
tan math.tan math.tan(x)
tanh math.tanh math.tanh(x)


Jorge Garrido Oval


Contributions are greatly appreciated. Please fork this repository and open a pull request to add snippets, make grammar tweaks, etc.


Atom language-lua is released under the MIT license.

Originally converted from the Lua TextMate bundle.