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Lint C-based files using clang







This package provides the following services:

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This linter plugin for Linter provides an interface to clang. It will be used with files that have the "C++", "C", "Objective-C" and "Objective-C++" syntax.

Plugin installation

Install from the Settings pane of Atom by searching for and installing the linter-clang package.

Or install from your Command Prompt by running:

$ apm install linter-clang

This package will ensure that all dependencies are installed on activation.

Project-specific settings


If your project has some extra include directories, put them in a file called ".clang_complete" and list them line by line. The linter will open the file and use the specified paths when linting in your project.


Please note the file should contain one command line argument per line. These arguments are passed to clang directly using exec and not via a shell. Therefore any spaces are treated as a part of the command line argument.

This means on the one hand -I include results in clang using include (note the space at the beginning) as include directory. For the same reason -I include -I lib/foo/include causes clang to search for includes in include -I lib/foo/include.

On the other hand if your path contains spaces you must not escape them or put quotes around the path. For example: -Ilib/dir with spaces/include only works without any quotes or escaping.

Clang JSON Compilation Database

The Clang JSON Compilation Database is also a supported format for project specific settings.