A syntax theme specifically for writing papers in markdown. Featuring a paper like color scheme and increased font-size for headings







Pen Paper Coffee ✏️📜☕

Pen Paper Coffee is a syntax theme for the text editor atom, which is designed specifically for writing papers, essays etc. in markdown. The theme features increased font-sizes for each level of headers (see changes on the bottom), several useful, but not distracting syntax highlightings. The overall colors are inspired by the soft beige paper you would find in a notebook. While the ink (text color) is a dark blue, all quotes and citations are in a warm brownish orange to contrast them better to your own words. When writing text, not code, I usually set a line height of 1.4 or 1.5 in atoms settings, as you can see in the sample screenshots.

Although the goal of this theme was to have a pleasant markdown writing experience, it looks good with other docs too! I personally use it for most of my coding work (JS, HTML, CSS, c++, glsl).

The screenshots without gutter and text centering had Zen installed, if you like to have centered text but still see the gutter, treeview and tabs typewriter might be for you.

When you want to cite stuff from eg. a bibtex file, I find a great package to use together with this theme is autocomplete bibtex. It's a great help when combining it with pandoc for pdf & latex export from markdown. Work great with the language-pfm package.


markdown with zen mode

support for critic markup: critic markup

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2. October 2015

Due to rendering issues in Atom, I reduced the increased fonts for headings. It made too many problems unfortunately 😕 If the issues are resolved I would love to get the increased heading sizes back! (you still can get the old version at: if you don't mind the strange cursor positionings and the problems listed in the issue below) Relevant issues:

11. April 2015

I changed the gutter to a lighter brown, which is much more pleasing, atleast to my eyes. If you prefer the darker gutter, just comment out and uncomment the following lines in colors.less to your liking:

// gutter colors
@heftstreifen: rgb(224, 218, 211);

//@heftstreifen: rgb(202, 193, 186); //old darker gutter