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Seti UI

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This is the latest version of the Seti UI theme. It's a dark interface theme crafted especially for Atom, with subtle colors that are meant to be easy on the eyes. It includes custom file icons, and new user configurable settings. Seti Syntax is also available for all your codez.

Please Note: This is the Seti interface theme for Atom only

This is for the interface of the Atom editor. I also have Seti Syntax for theming the code view in Atom. In addition, there is a new Seti theme for Hyper.

If these are not the droids you're looking for, may I point you in the direction of these great ports:

What's New? 1.0 Update

Seti UI has been updated with a cleaner, more streamlined interface, a slightly tweaked color scheme, additional icons and new user settings, as well as a handful of other small ui improvements and a refactored code base.


More colors

Seti now has 8 theme colors to choose from: Screenshot

More icons

File icons will now show up in the file search (cmd+ p) dialog in addition to the side bar and tabs. This should make for easier grokking when you're searching for a file.



To get here, Go to "Atom > Preferences" Select "Themes" and click the settings icon next to "Seti" under UI Theme dropdown

With 1.0 you can now adjust some of the more commonly requested features directly in Atom's settings view (Settings > Themes > Click the gear icon next to Seti).


Setting are brand new, and still have a few kinks to be worked out. If you run into any problems with them, or would like to request an additional setting, please file an issue!


If you find a bug, please do add a bug report. However, first make sure it is for Seti UI in Atom. I only support the Atom versions, please check the links above to report a bug on another platform.

Seti 1.0 has been optimized to work with Atom 1.6 and above:
Including the 1.7 beta

Most if not everything should work on older versions as well, but if you see something that doesn't look quite right, make sure you have the latest version of Atom installed before filling a bug.


The easiest way to install Seti is to do as follows:

Alternatively you can use the Atom Package Manager:

apm install seti-ui


Anyone is welcome to contribute to the development of this theme. If can be a lot of work to keep up on, and I'll take help wherever I can get it 😃

1. Fork

If you're keen to contribute, start by forking the repo and cloning it to your computer.

Note: To use the development version, you must first uninstall the production version (apm uninstall seti-ui), then run the following commands:

# To install the local version as an Atom Theme
apm link .

# Open with dev mode:
atom --dev .

2. Make Some Changes

Once this is complete you will be able to edit seti files directly in Atom and see your changes in real time.

3. Create a Pull Request

Once you are satisfied, with your updates, commit your change, push them to your fork and submit a pull request with a description of the changes that you made.

4. Unlink

Once you're done working locally and ready to install the production version again, simply run apm unlink . from the root of the seti-ui project.

Adding File Icons

The process of adding file icons is still a bit complex, but it has been greatly simplified in 1.0. It does however require that you have node and gulp installed.

Once you have these, you will need to open a terminal window, navigate to the seti-ui folder and run npm install (note you only need to do this once).

Once everything is setup, follow these steps any time you want to add a new icon:

  1. Create an SVG icon with the name of the language, and save it to the icons folder (do not use any spaces or special characters)

  2. Navigate to the seti-ui folder in your terminal and run gulp font (this will add the new svg file to our icon font, update our file as well as the less file with the mixins we'll need to link to the icon later.)

  3. Lastly, open styles/components/icons/mapping.less and create a link for the icon you just added with the .icon-set mixin. Assuming you were adding an icon for Sass it might look something like this: .icon-set('.scss', 'sass', @pink)

The first parameter '.scss' is the file extension you want to target, the second parameter 'sass' is the name of the icon you just created, without the extension (sass.svg), and the last parameter @pink indicated what color the icon should be.

There are currently 9 supported icon colors: - @blue - @grey - @green - @orange - @pink - @purple - @red - @white - @yellow

While, you can add additional colors to styles/ui-variables.less, but please do not do this unless you find it absolutely necessary. If you do add another color, please make sure that matches the general feel of the other colors. If you add something really bright or really pale, your pull request will likely be declined.

You will need to do this once for every extension, you want to target. For example, if you want to target both .sass and .scss extensions, you would add the following:

.icon-set('.sass', 'sass', @pink);
.icon-set('.scss', 'sass', @pink);

Current Icons


Custom App Icons

If you'd like a new app icon to match the look & feel of Seti, feel free to use one of these:

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot