Sparkling is a general fuzzy finder so fuzzy that it is fizzy







This package provides the following services:

This package consumes the following services:


Sparkling is a general fuzzy finder. It is different from the atom built-in one in that I tried to build it totally customisable. It's responsability is to filter data, not to provide it.


Download this package from the atom package list. This package relies heavily on other programs from which it can create data sources. I recommend installing ag and ripgrep and including it in your path:

Key features


This package comes with a lot of Keybindings. I have tried my best to accomodate them semantically without disturbing native atom Keybindings. However, if this does not suit you, you can disable them in the package settings and create your own. Also, the table below is valid for windows/linux by using ctrl instead of cmd.

Command Keybinding Data source On activate
sparkling:files cmd-p cmd-p ripgrep project files Go to
sparkling:commands cmd-shift-p Commands on active element Run command
sparkling:relativePathInsert cmd-p cmd-r ripgrep project files Insert relative path
sparkling:emoji cmd-e cmd-a emoji Insert
sparkling:gitStage cmd-g cmd-s git status Stage / unstage
sparkling:gitCheckout cmd-g cmd-- git status Checkout --
sparkling:gitBranches cmd-g cmd-b git branches Checkout
sparkling:gitLog cmd-g cmd-l git log Copy git hash
sparkling:gitLogCheckout cmd-g cmd-L git log Checkout
sparkling:gitReflog cmd-g cmd-r git reflog Copy git hash
sparkling:gitReflogCheckout cmd-g cmd-R git reflog Checkout
sparkling:allLines cmd-l cmd-L ripgrep project lines Go to
sparkling:ls cmd-l cmd-s ls Go to / dive
sparkling:removeFiles cmd-p cmd-D ripgrep project files rm
sparkling:copyFiles cmd-p cmd-c ripgrep project files cp
sparkling:moveFiles cmd-p cmd-m ripgrep project files mv
sparkling:findToggle cmd-p cmd-f enter ag pattern in project Go to
sparkling:findInBufferToggle cmd-b cmd-f enter ag pattern in buffer Go to
sparkling:findToggle (WIP) cmd-p cmd-f shift-enter ag pattern in project Replace
sparkling:findInBufferToggle (WIP) cmd-b cmd-f shift-enter ag pattern in buffer Replace
Utils / Navigation Keybinding Effect
sparkling:previous ctrl-k Go up
sparkling:right ctrl-l Go right
sparkling:left ctrl-h Go left
sparkling:next ctrl-j Go down
sparkling:previous up Go up
sparkling:next down Go down
sparkling:hide escape Close
sparkling:hide cmd-escape Close
sparkling:accept enter Activate
sparkling:toggleSelfFind cmd-f toggles path of file in active editor

Find files

Find pattern

Replace pattern

Find project lines

ls navigation

Find lines in buffer

Autocomplete lines

git status

git stage

git branches

Plugin service interface

You can build a plugin with your own sources, just like I show in this example project:

I provide a React instance a redux store so that you can interact with sparkling and even create your own view for it.