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Jump to a function/method in the current editor or in the project.







This package provides the following services:

This package consumes the following services:


Display a list of symbols in the editor. Typically, a symbol will correspond to a meaningful part of a source code file (like a function definition) but can refer to other important parts of files depending on context.


symbols-view uses a provider/subscriber model similar to that of autocomplete-plus. This package implements the UI, but it relies on other packages to suggest symbols.

Built-in providers

The original symbol provider, ctags, now lives in its own provider package called symbol-provider-ctags. Another package, symbol-provider-tree-sitter, is the preferred provider (by default) in buffers that use a Tree-sitter grammar.

Community package providers

Any package can act as a symbol provider. These are the packages on the Pulsar Package Repository that provide the symbol.provider service.


Command Description Keybinding (Linux/Windows) Keybinding (macOS)
symbols-view:toggle-file-symbols Show all symbols in current file ctrl-r cmd-r
symbols-view:toggle-project-symbols Show all symbols in the project ctrl-shift-r cmd-shift-r
symbols-view:go-to-declaration Jump to the symbol under the cursor ctrl-alt-down cmd-alt-down
symbols-view:return-from-declaration Return from the jump ctrl-alt-up cmd-alt-up
symbols-view:show-active-providers Display a list of all known symbol providers

Commands relating to project-wide symbols may fail if no provider can satisfy a request for project-wide symbols. See symbol-provider-ctags for more information.