Your mental notes at your fingertips!







This package consumes the following services:

Textual Velocity

Archive notice:

🌅 As of Nov 2020 I am actively migrating away from this project to using Org Mode instead. The project and repository will be archived soon thereafter to reflect this.

It has been a good run of ~5 years building and using this myself! I hope you have found it as useful as me during this time. Alas, I have outgrown my own project and decided to continue on a more standardized platform going forward.

That said, I am not satisfied with any of the existing options out there (Org Mode included) and still contemplating alternatives. I intend to build something better, someday, but don't have the time and energy right now. Time will tell.


Your mental notes at your fingertips!

For those of you who used Notational Velocity or nvAlt should feel right at home: it's intended to be an alternative to those applications but with the benefits of the Atom ecosystem.

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Use the Textual Velocity: Start Session command to get started, the package is lazy loaded.

By default notes are saved in ~/.atom/notes, you can change it in the package settings.

While the plugin can be run in any Atom window it's recommended to run it in a separate instance for easier usage and access to your notes

Also, I recommend the following packages, that works great in combination with textual-velocity: