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vim-mode improved.


Install using Atoms package installer

apm install vim-mode-plus

Some Features

These features are very powerful, especially for the power user. Read the following documents to learn how to use them.


You must disable vim-mode to use vim-mode-plus

From v1.9.0 CoffeeScript based vim-mode-plus extension is no longer supported


My work is greatly owing to former achievements of the original vim-mode developers and many of its contributors.
As you can see in the commit history, this project was originally started by forking official vim-mode.
The great design to achieve Vim operation by composing operator with target (motion, text-object) on top of operationStack still lives in vim-mode-plus now.
I don't think I can find this idea by myself from nothing.
Sincerely, I feel I couldn't do anything without the original vim-mode.

Issue report

Whats this?

Fork of vim-mode. Started on 2015.8.1.


Search Q&A label on issues.

Why fork? why not directly contribute to official vim-mode?

Behavior different from pure Vim?

Some behaviors are intentionally have different default behaviors. See DifferencesFromPureVim for details.

In visual-block mode, some motions make the editor slow, freeze.

Not freezing, it's just VERY slow.
You can workaround by disabling some keymap. See #214.


Want to suppress autocomplete-plus's auto suggestion except insert-mode.

Set suppressActivationForEditorClasses autocomplete-plus's config to following value.

vim-mode-plus.normal-mode, vim-mode-plus.visual-mode, vim-mode-plus.operator-pending-mode, vim-mode-plus.insert-mode.replace

If you want to directly edit config.cson, here it is.

  suppressActivationForEditorClasses: [

Flash effect does not appear on cursor-line, occurrence-marker is not displayed on cursor-line either.

This is because of the syntax-theme you are using. See this tips on Wiki.

Surround not work

No default keymaps are provided. If you want, install vim-mode-plus-keymaps-for-surround

How can I insert single white space when surround?

Set Characters To Add Space On Surround. from vim-mode-plus's setting.

I want to automatically disable IME when leaving insert-mode.(want set imdisable equivalent in pure-Vim).

Now in-eval phase for this experimental feature.
From vim-mode-plus's settings-view set autoDisableInputMethodWhenLeavingInsertMode to true(default false).

This feature doesn't actually disable IME, its' just set readonly attribute to editor's hidden input element.
It should work for most IME but some Chinese IME still type multibyte character even in readonly input.
For detail, see this discussion.



vim-mode-plus has many advanced, experimental features but most of them have no default keymap.
If you want to use the full power of vim-mode-plus, see and experiment with each keymap, command in following links.

Helper packages

Below is list of my packages which provide more vim-like experience.
Why I don't build in these features? Because it takes more time and some features are useful for non-vim user.


Vim official


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