Project Manager for easy access and switching between projects in Atom.







This package provides the following services:

Project Manager

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Project Manager

Get easy access to all your projects and manage them with project specific settings and options.


$ apm install project-manager

You can also open Atom and go to Preferences > Install and search for project-manager


List Projects

ctrl-cmd-p (mac) / alt-shift-P (win & linux) or Project Manager: List Projects in the Command Palette.

Projects can be filtered by title, group and template by typing group: atom which would give all projects with the atom group.

Save Project

Project Manager: Save Project in the Command Palette and write the title you want to save the project as.

Edit Project

Project Manager: Edit Project will open a page where you can edit the current project. It currently only supports certain fields.

Edit Projects

All projects are saved in a .cson file which you can easily reach by searching for Project Manager: Edit Projects in the Command Palette.

Project Settings

setting Type Description Default
title string Projects title. Used in the projects list ''
paths array The folders that will open in the tree view. First path is the main one that counts as the project. []
settings Object Enables you to set project specific settings. Everything that goes in the config.cson file can go here. It also supports scoped settings. {}
icon string Icon that shows in the projects list. It's class-based so can either be a class already provided by Atom like icon-squirrel or a class of your own. You can find a list of all icons on 'icon-chevron-right'
devMode boolean true if project should open in dev mode. Look here for more info. false
group string Adds a group to the projects list that can be used to group and filter projects null
template string If you add a project in the projects.cson file without paths it will count as a template. This way you can easily share settings between projects null

Local settings file

All these settings can be added to a project.cson file in the root folder of the project. It follows the below example, but without the array.


    title: 'Project Manager'
    group: 'Atom'
    paths: [
    devMode: true
      'editor.tabLength': 4
      'editor.showInvisibles': true


If you want to use the projects available through the Project Manager you can use the provided methods.

function consumeProjectManager({ getProjects, getProject, saveProject, openProject } => {
   * Get an array containing all projects.
   * The callback will be run each time a project is added.
   * Returns a Disposable.
  disposables.add( getProjects(projects => {
    // Do something with the projects.

   * Get the currently active project.
   * The callback will be run whenever the active project changes.
   * Returns a Disposable.
  disposables.add( getProject(project => {
    if (project) {
      // We have an active project.
    } else {
      // Project is either not loaded yet, or there is no project saved.

   * Can take either a project recieved from getProjects/getProject or
   * just an object with the props for a new project.

   * Will open the project.
   * `openInSameWindow` should be true if the project should open up in the
   * current window.
  openProject(project, openInSameWindow);


If you would like to contribute to the project manager, be it new features or bugs, please do the following:

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Create a new topic branch off the master branch that describe what it does
  3. Commit and push the branch
  4. Make a pull request describing what you have done
  5. Now it will hopefully get merged 😃

All PR's should: